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13 Goals of a Witch

1. Know Yourself: Keep journals such as day, dream, meditation, visualization, divination, and goal journals. Try to interpret your dreams. Listen to your intuition and read/recognize your vibes (you can keep a journal on this too!) Do a breakdown of your self. Sit down and take some time to do an A to Z profile of your ideas, thoughts, and opinions of certain aspects of life such as: music, religion, philosophy, food, after life, politics, etcetera.

2. Know Your Craft: Practice, study books and do the lessons in them (recommended book list coming soon!), go to study groups (like this one :), attend a Wicca 101 class, go to other classes such as a tarot, shamanism, meditation, or yoga class, go to public rituals and festivals, or apprentice under an elder.

3. Learn: Learning never ceases, it continues in this life, the next life, and beyond. Do not limit yourself or think you are "above" anything. Learn at every opportunity available.

4. Apply Knowledge With Wisdom: When someone comes to you for answers and help do not claim to be a "guru" of Wicca, because you will never know everything. Give what wisdom you have and refer them to other sources. Do not give information to those who will abuse it. Do not abuse your knowledge. Set an example.

5. Achieve Balance: Wicca is a religion of balance. The God and Goddess are equal and we value neither above the other. There are many ways to achieve balance in life. Balance in the self, your home, family, and friends are just a few examples. What kind of balance do you need to achieve?

6. Keep Your Words in Good Order: This goal links to #7. Set an example for our Wiccan community and mind the old saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say than don't say it at all." Help to uplift others around you with your positive words.

7. Keep Your Thoughts in Good Order: "Like attracts like." If you surround yourself in positive energy by thinking positive thoughts, then positive things will happen to you. We are constantly programming our selves through out the day. Listen, what kind of thoughts and energy are you pouring into yourself? If you are keeping a day journal go back and re-read it. Try to reprogram yourself for positivity!

8. Celebrate Life: "Today is the first day of the rest of your life" or "Today could be your last." How are you going to spend it? What a wonderful gift life is. Why save the expensive cologne for only special occasions? Everyday is a special occasion, you are alive! Why not go out and buy a gift for some one in your life? You don't have to wait for a birthday or a holiday. Make every day a holiday, every day a birthday!

9. Attune With the Cycles of the Earth: This is one of the basic concepts of Wicca. All the solstices are based on the Wheel of the Year. Take the time to celebrate our holidays even if it is just a bit of decoration on your alter or a walk on Oestara to talk with the budding trees. In your day journal, note the changes in the weather, the migrating birds, the appearance of insects, etcetera.

10. Breathe and Eat Correctly: "You are what you eat." It can not be stressed enough how important a good diet is. Eating correctly is another way of pouring positive energy into yourself. Pick a diet and stick to it for a least a month. You will feel 110% better and have more energy!

The breath in many pagan belief systems is a very sacred and powerful thing. If you have ever taken a yoga or martial arts class you understand the importance of breath. Some believe if a person breathed correctly all the time (along with a healthy diet) they would stay completely healthy and live a long life. Breathing right relieves stress, regulates heart beat, stimulates the senses, helps you focus, and much more!

11. Exercise the Body: Our body is the extraordinary machine we were given by the Goddess to use in this life. It should be treated with respect and care. There is no excuse for being over weight. Try to find a form of exercise that is fun, and if you have a problem with your weight, do it every day! Most people, when they think of exercising, think they have to spend money on a gym or workout tapes. There are plenty of ways to exercise for free. You can go swimming, for a walk, bike ridding, running, dancing, climbing, do some yard work, house work, etcetera. Not only will you be much healthier, but you will feel 10X better both physically and emotionally.

12. Meditate: Without meditation there is no visualization, without visualization, there is no focus, without focus there is no spell or ritual. Meditation is a must for the working Wiccan. There are so many forms and styles of meditation to choose from. Try the simple ones first. Almost any beginner's book of Wicca (see recommended book list coming soon) will have a good beginner's meditation. As with many things, "Practice makes perfect." Meditation must be practiced every day in order to reap it's benefits. It only takes 10 minutes out of your day when you start. So make yourself set aside the time, you will thank your self. See link to meditation guidelines.

13. Honor the Goddess and the God: Life should be lived in honor of the God and Goddess. Remember to thank the All for everything, good or bad. Work in invocations to your deities in ritual and celebrations. The God and Goddess are part of you and you are part of them. When you honor them you honor your self

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Wicca is an Earth based religion that celebrates the cycle of life (birth, death, and rebirth) and the wheel of the year (the changing seasons). Wicca holds no "absolute truths" and does not claim any "one true way". We do not proselytize, so if you are here to do this, please just turn around and go back out. We who follow the Wiccan Rede (harm none, do as you will) respect your beliefs so please give us the same courtesy. Otherwise, you are welcome to browse and learn more!

May all who dwell here be blessed by the knowledge and wisdom they share - three fold. Thank you for your participation. May we merry part until we merry meet again!

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