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Wicca Definition

The Websters Dictionary defines Wicca as the following.

Wic´ca Pronunciation: wĭk´kå
prop. n. 1. A religion derived from pre-Christian times, also called Witchcraft{4}, which practices a benevolent reverence for nature, and recognizes two deities, variously viewed as Mother & Father, Goddess & God, Female & Male, etc.; its practitioners are called Wiccans, Wiccas, or witches. Since there is no central authority to propagate dogma, the beliefs and practices of Wiccans vary significantly.

2. A practitioner of Wicca, also commonly called a Wiccan, Wicca, or witch .

Wicca E-Book

Heres some info from a GREAT EBOOK on WICCA

Wicca (a branch of Witchcraft) is feared by so many and understood by
few. My e-book shows what Wicca is and helps to dispel the out-dated image of
Witches and Witchcraft.

Wicca is NOT Satanism and does NOT involve Devil
worship. Satan belongs to the Christians; they created him - NOT Wiccans or

Wicca is the kindest and gentlest of belief systems. It
does not believe in hierarchies of deities or of humans over other life forms.
It preserves and blesses life at all times.

Wicca teaches compassion for
ALL living things. According to experiments, true and unconditional compassion
creates the highest mental state achievable by humankind.

Wicca never
tries to convert, never caused any wars - of how many other religions can you
say this? But up to half a million people died during the "Burning Times" (1450
- 1750) for being "Witches."

Wicca fulfils a need within us to
acknowledge where we came from and where we will go after death – humans need to
be convinced of survival after death for peace of mind.

Wicca also
teaches how to look at the world in a different and better light, how to go with
the flow instead of pushing against closed doors. Our lives are very brief and
very precious, but many people just stumble through without really seeing the
world around them or ever appreciating what a fabulous thing it is to live.

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